How to attract reader and stick to their minds?

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How to Stick To The Minds of Your Readers & Turn Them To Raving Fans

It’s deeply annoying isn’t it?

How you have tried all you can just to make an impression.

You desire to be a smart wordsmith churning soul saving articles.

But really you are, just that no one cares. You have no readers, likes, no one is engaging your comment section or subscribing.

A troubling situation worthy of mention.

You joined the blogging wagon not basically for the fame or potential income, but because you really want to help others achieve their dreams.

But it looks as though you are wailing and screaming freedom to prisoners who don’t give a damn.

It hurts, its painful and that has to change right now.

Because, what’s the point really?

What’s the rationale behind blogging in silence?

The worst of it all…

You don’t know exactly where you are getting wrong.

Probably a lot.

Today, I’ll deal with one major problem common not just with rookies, but with the so-called “pro” as well.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to stick in the minds of your readers and get them to like and remember you for the rest of their lives. 

Are you ready to rumble?

How To Be Unforgettable

The truth about blogging and writing is this – You need to choose either to be like every other person or choose the path to influence.

Both are called bloggers, both write articles and love to share ideas to the world. Both eventually get traffic.

But in the end, one fails and the others succeed.

And guess who wins?

You guessed right.

Success in blogging is not about how many articles you write and publish. It’s not even about the number of subscribers, backlinks or traffic acquired, but about the people you transformed through your blog.

Experts stick, they have a way of gaining prominence and standing out.

If you want to be one of them, then you should learn to stick. Period!

No mincing words.

If that is the only thing you are able to take away from this, then I have achieved the intention behind this post.

How do I stick?

If you just asked that question then you are asking the right question.

You can learn it right now. In a few easy steps you’ll discover how to be unforgettable, gain massive comments and shares.

So here’s how to stick on the minds of your readers:

1. Change Their Reality

When readers visit your blog, they indirectly give you an opportunity to speak with them.

Because the truth is, many lies are being sold in the blogosphere…

When I joined the blogosphere, I was told content is king and that the more traffic I get the more money I’ll make but those are all lies.

Honestly, that’s not what matters at least for newbie bloggers.

So what does matter?

Build solid and long lasting relationships with people that matter by writing epic contents they can relate with, focus on building your list using pillar and writing articles through guest posting.

Sit, relax and watch your fame soar.

2. Change their attitude

As bloggers, we have a singular objective which is to impact and transform the lives of our readers. And it begins by them having a change towards what they do, a change in attitude.

For example, I would have changed your attitude if I can make you cultivate the habit of writing daily, it could also be encouraging you to invest 1 hour daily to write Instead of writing for 30 minutes. I will be helping you write valuable and insightful blog posts.

Isn’t that what you were put here to do?

Let your readers see things as they are and change positively.

If you do that, they’ll respect you, if you do that; they’ll listen to whatever you say henceforth, that is not even all, they will become raving fans, become your marketer – sharing your blog article without pay. 

Who doesn’t like pro-bono?

3. Give Them Mental Movies

The human brain craves images and processes it 700 times faster than text.


Yes, that’s the fact, if you want to stick in the minds of your readers, then you must create and direct mental movies in your post.


Transform a bland sentence into an enticing movie, for example; instead of saying “I love to cook noodles” you can say “I love to cook delicious mouth-watering, salad garnished noodles with my yummy chicken…”

Interesting, huh?

When you do this, you are engaging with their emotions, because of this, they’ll remember you forever.

4. Use the Power of SIMPLE

Let’s be frank, there’s no point writing a post no one understands.

If you really desire fame, if you want to be remembered, be down to earth, simple.

Whatever can be simplified shouldn’t be left hanging.

Break it into simple terms.

Don’t be like my friend who enjoy using complex words when writing, he feels it makes him look like a professional. The other day I saw him use the word “enterprise solution” instead of a simple “business”.

Write as though you are writing to a friend, ask questions, break the news and share the joy. Your readers would care and share everything you post.

The secret?

Simplicity and clarity.

And that’s the point.

5. Induce Fear and Courage

Generally, every man has this seven primary needs:

  1. The need for survival and enjoyment of food
  2. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
  3. The need for sexual companionship
  4. A comfortable living condition
  5. The feeling of superiority
  6. Care, protection and
  7. Social approval.

Who could argue these things? You and I also desire them, don’t we?

But guess what?

The strongest and most important of them all is freedom from fear, pain and danger.

If you want to quickly stick and be remembered, use the fear factor. Appeal to your readers’ fear and then point out solutions.

This is one secret used by ads agencies to win more clients and gain influence. And I could bet only a few bloggers are using this right now.

The point? Induce fear but finish with strong courage and hope.

Hey, here’s the golden rule!

Don’t ever use this if you aren’t going to put smiles back on their faces.

It simply means, you are not only looking out for solutions, rather your post should address both problems and then finally the solution.

5. Show Credibility and Proof

This is important because people would easily listen to people who have real proof of what they are talking about.

Don’t go waging what others say or believe.

Let your readers see you’re the right person for the problems they need help with.

Show them how you’ve helped yourself and others and how you can help them too.

The bottom line:

If you want to stick in the mind of your readers, then prove it and let them handle the rest.

6. Create your own style

I’m hesitant to say this, but the truth is there is no point following the crowd.

Hundreds of bloggers are making this critical mistake and it’s pulling them into the valley of silence.

To succeed and overcome the noise, you should look straight and shun every jargon thrown at you.

Create your own special path; build your own brand, your unique style.

Pat Flynn is an expert in branding and he makes passive income, Jeff Bullas created a tiny bodied image of him. Henneke uses pencils and crayons to draw and make stylish featured images for enchanting marketing.

Here at High Blog Traffic?

You guessed right.

We create epic content, intentionally!

So, to create a style, look at other blogs, pull in your creative genius and set sail.

Think of short and interesting stories you could add to your blog post. A mouth-watering illustration or an awesome logo. Just go with the flow and whatever inspires you.

The bottom line?

Create an irresistible style for your business and your readers will come back for more.

What Matters at the End of Our Lives?

Every one of us desires to be remembered. We all want to stick around and motivate the world, even after we are far gone into the world beyond.

I remember some months ago, a friend Andres Morgan launched an app to promote reading culture targeted directly at a community in Sub Saharan Africa. We couldn’t congratulate him enough because we his friends found it a noble course.

A friendly fellow and a spirited writer…

As I write this, Andres passed on a few weeks back.

I began to wonder how I would finish my life journey. What would people say about me?

How many lives would I help? How many people would I save? Who would remember my works when I am gone and for how long? This is the only thing that matters at the end of our lives.

Think about this.

It’s your turn.

Give yourself to learning and write quality content, so you’ll be remembered.

You can do it.

So, hit the ground running already..

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