Benefits of Data Analytics Dashboard in Student Housing

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A data analytics dashboard is an analytical tool that assists in gathering, tracking, consuming, and presenting data in a meaningful way that is beneficial to your student housing business. The real-time reporting platform displays important rental key performance indicators (KPIs) critical in student housing and reporting-level performance data.


Why is Data Analytics Important to Your Business?

You can understand the performance of your business deeply. It is usually beneficial to use portfolio analytics. Developing an accurate analytics dashboard will help you manage your property business in numerous ways. It is critical to keep the end goal of your portfolio in mind at all times. You can view critical data points comprehensively by using this dashboard. Hence, you will analyze the business operations and make informed decisions timely productively.


If you are primarily concerned with sending your portfolio to prospective employers, analytics will be less useful to you, though you can still analyze what they did on your firm and how long they spent on it. Instead, it would be best to concentrate on using your analytics to optimize your site to generate the most traffic and conversions in the business.


If, on the other hand, you are attempting to showcase your work to as many people as possible, it is critical to understand your clients’ behavior and to focus on the strategies to better their clients’ experiences.


Let’s discuss some of the ways it helps your business succeed.


Keeps You Aware of The Composition and Risk

Your portfolio’s current and historical exposures can be quickly and easily analyzed, either on an absolute basis or concerning a designated benchmark. To view metrics for your portfolios and benchmarks, you can use aggregated and security-level reports, which include weights, valuation measures, ratings, and other ratios, as well as other information.

Accurately track hundreds of fundamental characteristics and derived analytics across the entirety of your portfolio — including equities, fixed-income securities, and related derivatives. Decompose the absolute and relative risk of the portfolio, considering factors such as factor contributions, stress testing, and extreme property analysis. Identify portfolio security flaws and risk drivers at the asset and portfolio levels using data analytics dashboard.


Integrate Data Easily and Quickly

Combining your proprietary holdings with third-party data sources, such as extensive benchmark data and global exchange indices, to create a complete picture. Utilize detailed analytics to integrate your holdings and transactions with a nightly upload or by connecting your custodian, prime broker, or your firm’s accounting system. Make use of this dashboard to ensure that your firm’s portfolio data is processed securely, accurately, and consistently throughout the night across all asset classes.

Increase your firm’s operational efficiency while reducing the resource-intensive operation of integrating, reconciling, and standardizing data across all parts of your enterprise. You can also track your data workflows, monitor internal data checks, and communicate data concerns directly to your Portfolio Services support team.


Support The Workflow of Your Performance and Attribution Data

Utilize a portfolio dashboard to store, validate, lock, and retrieve performance and attribution results. The dashboard can be customized to meet your specific needs, including calculation schedules, views, and configurations. Results of Portfolio Analysis should be archived for centralized safe-keeping, reference, and future reference.

Check that everyone in your organization is using the same results while continuing to benefit from its infrastructure around your portfolio information, vendor data, and the dissemination of results, as described in this article.


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What is the benefit of using Portfolio Analytics Dashboard?

A real-time reporting system for property managers, such as a Portfolio analytics dashboard, provides high-level metrics about the business, such as monthly revenue and length of stay data. Student housing executives will benefit from the reporting because it will provide a quick overview of their business!

Portfolio Analytics delves deeper and exposes performance and metrics at the listing level, allowing property managers to make more informed decisions when establishing a rate strategy for their properties.

Do you want to take it a step further and compare your performance to that of the industry?

Now you can, by using this asset tracking dashboard. When comparing your prices and occupancy trends against data from a Market Dashboard, Portfolio Analytics is a convenient tool.


How does it benefit the student housing business?

If you have developed a centralized digital data analytics dashboard, you will track multiple operational and financial data points important in student housing. For instance, you can have instant access and view to occupancy, traffic, applications, conversions, signed leases, renewals, preleases, revenue per week or year, and other additional activities. Furthermore, you can have a comparative view of all your properties that can be weekly, monthly, or yearly comparative analysis. In addition, you can have all this vital information presented in a meaningful way and a centralized view.


As a result, you can save ample time and manual effort in drafting and finalizing reports. This way, property executives will have more time, and they can utilize it in making smart and better business development decisions. Thus, your student housing business will generate the loftiest return on investment, greater revenue, and outcomes.

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