How to Write Essay on Problems of Periodization in History

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Every essay comprises three sections. These include the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction part consists of a brief explanation and context of the study. Whereas the body section can be further categorized into different subheadings. These subheadings may include:

  • The impact and causes of the topic
  • Its advantages and disadvantages

Problems of Periodization

Before knowing the technique of essay writing on Problems of Periodization in History, the writer must understand the concept of problems of periodization. The process of dividing past incidents, events, and happenings into different categories is periodization. This segregation and division of past incidents remain helpful for the reader to analyze the history.

It is essential to ensure that all the periods are interlinked and make a continuous sequence in periodization. The missing links will raise certain questions. History remains a matter of significant importance for nations and people.

Therefore, it cannot be altered or forgotten to build a strong nation. Preserving history is an essential factor. Different scholars and historians save history using different parameters of periodization.

Writing Essay on Problems of Periodization in History

The writer initially will design a structure of the essay according to the assigned topic. The essay structure will be:

  1. An Introduction
  2. Body Section of the Essay and
  • Conclusion Part


The introduction section of the essay will briefly define the concept of periodization. The writer may start from a thesis statement with a quote or a strong statement.

For Example:

That statement may be like this:

“The great nations never forget their past. Modern-day scholars are busy preserving history in an organized manner. Organizing history is to make small chunks of the historical incidents, tragedies, events, and happenings. While making a continuous sequence, historians may find different challenges.”

After this, the writer needs to use essential terminologies to explain the concept of periodization and its issues. In this subject matter, the writer must explain the concept of Periodization in History. It will help the reader to understand the thoughtful and scholarly piece of writing in its true spirit. The writer may create a new paragraph or continue the introduction section in the same heading.


The body section follows the introduction of any essay writing. The body section builds different arguments on the subject matter. It may be in favor or against the topic. The writer needs to present logical ideas and statements to support their ideas. The topic of this essay is the problems of Periodization in History. Therefore, the writer in this section will be explaining different problems in this regard. These problems mainly include “theoretical,” “organizational,” and “ethical” problems.

Theoretical Problems

The past events and occurrences in chronological order are helpful and effective. In contrast, the representation confuses the concept and history compared with other sources. The historian’s focus remains on a single aspect that is to mention in detail the past events. In this way, the writer neglects some other information that may be considered valid but not relevant to the situation. For instance, if the writer is preparing a chronological sequence of the major historical events to bring revolution in different parts of the world.

Then, it may not consist of the Battle of Waterloo. The missing sequence of the Battle of Waterloo may raise different questions in the reader’s mind. It will then lead to building an incomplete context for the reader. Periodization selects a particular set of directions to make a sequential order of the significant events. These significant events may not relate to the other general happenings.

Organizational Problems

Besides periodization’s theoretical problems, the process also challenges organizational problems. The writer may face the challenges of making a sequential order on the subject matter for the readers of different societies and regions. Different societies and regions belong to different sets of minds, beliefs, and approaches.

Therefore a generalized set of periodization may not be effective in addressing. It has been analyzed that the neighboring countries in the world have considerable differences in beliefs and thoughts.

The scholars and historians suggest that a different set of periodizations may be published for a specific region to address this problem. For instance, the history of the great Roman Empire has nothing to do with the Muslim world. Similarly, the Islamic revolution has no context in European history.

The periodization writing must be designed and formatted according to the specific region keeping in view the proximity and relevance of the subject matter and topic. In this way, an effective periodization may be produced to attract readership. It will also contribute to making a chronological sequence of the historical events.

Ethical Problems

It has been analyzed that the ethical problem is also a challenge of periodization. For instance, using terms like Democratic Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Renaissance, Middle Age, Dark Age, and Stone age is unethical. These terms are formed keeping a bias. The writer and scholar must produce a writing piece that does not compromise neutrality. Keeping a bias will reflect the writing expression. The biased approach to writing is unethical.


The conclusion section needs to sum up the details and arguments mentioned in the body section. The topic and subject of the study were to write an essay on problems of Periodization in History. The conclusion section may consist of a list of major problems that include theoretical, organizational, and ethical problems. Different periodizations need to be published according to different beliefs, ideas, and thoughts. A common periodization will comprise some generalized terms that may not be helpful for the reader.

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