LIC IPO Share Allotment Likely Today. Check your LIC IPO Status Here.

LIC IPO allotment date is available on the BSE application page. Just visit the link to check IPO
allotment details and fill up the necessary information. You will be given the allotted price band and
details of LIC IPO subscription. You can also bookmark the link in your bookmarks or favourites tab.
After filling up the form, you will receive an email with the details of your LIC IPO allotment. 

LIC IPO price band 

The LIC IPO has become the country’s largest IPO. The IPO was fully subscribed on the second day
of bidding and will run until May 9, 2022. It is being offered at a price band of Rs 902-949 per share.
LIC is offering a discount of Rs 60 per share to existing policyholders and Rs 45 to retail investors.
The price band is the highest and lowest price range for the IPO.

The LIC IPO price band and alloting date are available on the BSE website. You can check your
allotment status by using your permanent account number or equity. Once you have entered the
information correctly, you will be given the details of your allotment. The price band and allotment
date will be displayed in a bar chart. You can then check whether you are a robot.

Once you have entered your PAN and allotted a portion of the IPO price band, you will need to
confirm your mandate via your bank account. The price band and allotment date are listed in the IPO
prospectus. On the IPO price band and allotment date, you can check whether you’ve been allocated
or not. You should note down the Subscription Number if you want to check whether you’ve been
allotted shares. 

If you’ve already bought a policy from LIC, you’ll also get a discounted rate on the IPO. However,
you’ll need to connect your PAN to your policy in order to receive your discount. If you have your
PAN, LIC will help you connect the two. If you don’t know how to do this, simply contact an LIC
employee or agent and ask them to walk you through the process. 

If you’re thinking of buying LIC shares, remember that the government has reserved a certain
percentage of shares for policyholders. While the price range is low, it still represents a significant
discount. The IPO price band and allotment date should not be misinterpreted. In addition to the price
band, it’s important to note that the company will likely list on the BSE and NSE on May 17. 

The price band and allotment date for the LIC IPO has not yet been announced. The subscription
period opened on May 4 and closed on May 9. The IPO price band and allotment date will likely be
announced on May 12 or May 16. After the IPO, refunds and credit to demat accounts will likely start
on May 13 and the shares will be listed on the BSE and NSE on May 17.

While the price band and allotment date for the LIC IPO are not known, the face value of the shares is
likely to range from Rs 14235 to Rs 1,99290. It is expected that the company will raise Rs 21,000
crore through the IPO. Retail investors will be able to buy up to Rs 179,290 in shares. The LIC IPO
will most likely be listed on the BSE and NSE on May 17, 2022.

LIC has an impressive track record and continues to lose market share to private players. Despite
this, the margin on its insurance + investment products is fairly low, making it challenging to recognize
revenue from premiums. This has forced the LIC to seek an exit strategy. The LIC plans combine both
insurance and investment, giving investors the best of both worlds. They are also the best option for
investors seeking high-quality IPOs.

LIC IPO subscription 

In order to check your LIC IPO subscription allotment status, you can visit the official website of the
company. On the homepage, you can click on the link ‘IPO subscription allotment status’. Once there,
you should enter the application number and Permanent Account Number (PAN) and click the ‘I am
not a robot’ option. A fresh page will appear with the IPO details. To ensure that you receive the
subscription allotment date, you can make a note of it.

The LIC IPO subscription allotment has a number associated with it. The subscription allotment date
indicates the number of shares you apply for in the IPO. It is also the date the IPO closes for retail
investors. The IPO has a total of five phases, and the subscription process is open for five weeks. The
company is looking for investors to invest in the company’s stock at a price between Rs 902 and 949.

The price range of LIC IPO is Rs 902-$949 per share. The government expects to raise up to Rs
21,000 crore through the IPO. One lot contains 15 LIC shares, and a bidder can apply for as many as
14 lots. LIC IPO subscription allotment date is set for May 12, 2022. Shares of the company will likely
list on the BSE and NSE on May 17, 2022.

LIC IPO subscription allotment is expected to be finalised on May 12. There are two ways to check
your subscription allotment status. You can log onto the LIC IPO website and follow the instructions to
ensure that you’re not a robot. If you’re a human, enter the captcha. Alternatively, you can use the link
below to log in. When the page is live, you’ll be notified of the subscription’s finalization date.

Subscriptions for LIC IPO closed on 4 May and shares will be credited to Demat accounts on the next
business day. If you purchased shares on April 8, you will receive a refund of the entire amount within
a few weeks. If you purchased more than one share, you may want to wait until Thursday. If your LIC
IPO subscription is not finalised, contact the company’s customer service department for details.

The government of India has successfully injected around 21,000 crores in funds to the company
through the IPO process. All categories of LIC’s initials sale met the eligibility requirements, enabling
the government to enhance its capital by around 21%. This is a record high for an IPO. If you’re
interested in participating in this IPO, you should consider taking advantage of this opportunity. The
benefits of buying LIC shares are substantial for your financial security. 

There are several reasons why an IPO is important for LIC. For example, the company is the largest
provider of life insurance policies in India. But its market share continues to shrink as private players
gain market share. It is important to note that LIC’s market cap is not limited to foreign investors,
which means that domestic investors have successfully pulled off this IPO. The company was formed
by merging 245 private life insurance companies. Its initial capital was around Rs 5 crore.

How to check LIC IPO allotment status on BSE website 

As mentioned above, a bidder can login at direct BSe link and follow the below-mentioned step by step guide:

1] Login at the direct BSE link —;

2] Select LIC IPO;

3] Enter your LIC IPO application number;

4] Enter your PAN details;

5] Click at ‘I’m not a robot’; and

6] Click at ‘Submit’ button.

Your LIC IPO allotment status will become available on the computer monitor or on the Smartphone screen.

How to check LIC IPO allotment status on

KFintech website

Those who want to check LIC IPO allotment status on official registrar’s website, they can login at the above given direct KFintech link and follow the below mentioned step by step guide:

1] Login at  KFintech link —;

2] Click at LIC IPO;

3] Select either of Application Number or DPID/Client ID or PAN (Let’s take application number);

4] Enter LIC IPO application number;

5] Fill Captcha; and

6] Click at ‘Submit’ button.

Your LIC IPO allotment status will become available on the computer monitor or on the Smartphone screen.

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