How Does an Employee Time Tracking App Work?

time tracking software

Everything consolidates with time since it claims mind-blowing esteem particularly when joined with the work. Organizations currently don’t flounder in the old physical techniques to monitor employee attendance. Rigorously talking, tracking time is definitely not a difficult undertaking. In any case, huge subtleties like break times, consent hours, leaves, half-day leaves, and so forth ought to be taken out from the all out time to get the specific working hours with the goal that it helps in simple payrolls. This can be simple yet an interesting position. In any case, with the coming of innovation, numerous employee online attendance management system software grew which are exact time trackers.

Workflow management will be actually finished with time tracking software which necessitates the proper plan and the perfect software solution that works in tandem with the strategy. Before installing time tracking apps for your organization, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the various tools and their features.

Basically, Why organizations/enterprises need to follow the time?

  • Tracking time helps in getting productivity
  • Tracking time let us in on the time term expected for a specific task
  • Simple Payroll age
  • The HR errands can be made more straightforward
  • Further develop efficiency
  • Helps in recognizing the blockhead
  • helps in responsibility in the work

What Suits your Business?

Prior to going to embrace time tracking software,List out the reasons, for example, what are the motivations to execute this application, how it would help your business, and the quantity of employees etcetera. Some applications will permit restricted highlights and a predetermined number of employees’ time tracking. There are different time tracking software and applications out there. Take on a product that permits you to follow exact timings of quite a few employees.

I recommend the DeskTrack software. Allow me to explain to you why.

DeskTrack – An Employee Time Tracking Software

DeskTrack – Automated Time tracking software which helps in getting exact time tracking of different employees all at once. It is exceptionally useful for the business where workers get compensation on an hourly premise. This on-request programming has proactively had a record of additional establishments. This application will be an aid for time-cognizant finance managers.

DeskTrack Integrated Features:

Attendance tracking: 

It records the attendance well. This is the explanation, it has been generally being used where there is a requirement for attendance and nonappearance the executives The times of registration, look at, breaks (lunch/tea), consents (in hours) are recorded precisely.

The times of nonattendance like half-days, leaves (easygoing/wiped out/discretionary), exemptions, and movements timings can likewise be recorded precisely. This programmed time tracking application helps a wide range of organizations.

  • Schools/Colleges/Educational Institutions
  • Enterprises (Small/Medium/Large scope)
  • Organizations (Startups/Branded)

GPS tracking: 

This element permits tracking the live area of any employee when he/she signed in to the application.

Versatile applications:

This product is likewise accessible as a portable application for convenience. You can sign in from the versatile application to demand leaves and authorizations.

Scheduling : 

This element permits employees to plan or reschedule leaves or authorizations at whatever point they need. It likewise has shift program and week off list includes that permit programmed planning of the movements and week offs.

Occasions list: 

This component tells all the rundown of all occasions (affirm/discretionary). Furthermore, gives warning or updates about occasions for everybody.

Finance reconciliation: 

Payrolls can be effortlessly produced involving this application as it tracks each timing with next to no flaws.

Examination and client report:

It creates reports (self and group) of everything associated with attendance in pdf designs on a day to day/week by week/month to month premise. Employers can review the report & take action.

Their are many other software are available like Time Doctor, Desk Time, & Hub staff. To follow the timings of employees with changed highlights. Pick an application that suits your business prerequisites.

Employee Time Tracking Tips:

These are a few brilliant tips for employee time tracking tips which are useful for you as a chief. One employee’s postponement might influence the entire group progress since an errand is the commitment of all colleagues’ work.

  • Be clear in defining objectives
  • Guarantee the objective of the undertaking can arrive at every part
  • Use Software like DeskTrack and make employees use it
  • Cultivate the way of life of adaptable working hours
  • Adjust every employee time tracking
  • Screen time tracking reports and employee commitment
  • Be receptive to the employees’ criticism
  • Employee time tracking application execution tips:
  • Keep away from botches in executing the product
  • Allow every one of the employees to have significant information on the utilization of the applications
  • Assist the employees with knowing the advantages of the framework and cause them to use it without carelessness
  • Monitor Report of Employees
  • Unify the undertaking the executives


Organizations are tracking down better approaches to follow employee timings. There are scores of employee time tracking applications in the Play stores/App Store. Select an application that suits your business necessities and ensure that you obtain the ideal outcomes. On the off chance that any piece of the application fizzles, all things might turn out badly. Take on an application after significant examination on the elements and precision of the product in advance and carry out appropriately and procure great gets back with that application.

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