Lumba Rakhis: A Traditional Way to Create A Stronger Bond With Bhabhis

Lumba Rakhis

Rakshabandhan is primarily an occasion which is dedicated to the bond between brother and sister. At the onset of this festival, a sacred thread of rakhi is tied by the sisters around the wrist of their brothers and in return, the sister receives gifts and a promise from her brother that he will keep her protected from all the evils of life. But this is not it. There is more to the celebration. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is not just limited to siblings but has also included a beautiful sister-in-law in the rakhi celebrations. Yes, we are talking about Lumba rakhis. 

Bhabhi is a person who took immense care of your brother and your entire family. So why should she not receive your love and affection through Lumba rakhi? The tradition of Lumba rakhis has spread to the entire nation and is done by tying Lumba rakhis on your bhabhi’s bangles which are worn on her wrist. 

This is a wonderful way to say Thank You to her for all she does and will continue doing it for the family. So, shower your respect, love, and immense care by tying Lumba rakhis on your bhabhi’s wrist. 

In this blog, we will uncover some amazing and beautiful Lumba rakhi designs. So, choose the most beautiful Lumba Rakhi for your beautiful bhabhi. 

Kinds of Lumba Rakhi!

1.      Zari work lumba rakhi

The tradition and trend of the antique zari work never faded away. Zari Lumba rakhis are handcrafted . This is nothing less than a stunning masterpiece created for your beautiful bhabhi. These rakhis are handcrafted on a golden or silver thread and hence the zari work on them adds a special charm to them. Zari work Lumba rakhis looks like a royal appearance and are the ones which are mostly picked by the sisters. 

2.      Pearl Lumba rakhi

Buy pearl Lumba rakhi for your beautiful bhabhi. Pearls have always been associated with delicateness and elegance and hence give a subtle vibe that can be bought for your elegant and stunning bhabhi. Pearl Lumba rakhi is strung with multiple pearls and stones and hence there is a wide variety of pearl Lumba rakhis that you can choose from. It’ll add an extra charm to the occasion of Rakshabandhan. 

3.      Gota patti lumba rakhi

Patti Lumba rakhis are exceptionally bright and alluring in looks and hence these Lumba rakhis would steal the show this Raksha Bandhan 2022. These are handcrafted using immense precision and using bright colors and good quality material. This type of Lumba rakhi comes in different shapes and designs. So buy what will suit the personality of your bhabhi the most. 

4.      Meenakari Lumba rakhi

Is your bhabhi an avid jewelry lover? If yes, then this type of rakhi best suits your bhabhi’s personality. You must not spend another moment but buy it. Meenakari Lumba rakhis have captivating designs and hence this adds a special charm. Also add appeals to your celebration of Raksha Bandhan. 

5.      Peacock Lumba rakhis

Well, peacock Lumba rakhis are the most bought Lumba rakhis as the peacock is a positive symbol of kindness, purity, patience, and perseverance, Hence, this adds a glorious appeal to the celebration of Rakshabandhan. These rakhis are handcrafted using different works such as meenakari, zardozi, and zari as well as simple stonework. Which brightens up their designs and adds a special touch to them. You can buy them for your bhabhi and strengthen your bond with her. 

6.      Kundan Lumba rakhis

Kundan is extremely popular among women and hence this is known for its sophistication and extravagance. This type of jewelry can be worn with the traditional outfit as it enhances their look. Kundan Lumba rakhis are handcrafted and embellished with embroidered work. This is surely going to be the show that stops this raksha bandhan 2022.

So, these were some of the most amazing Lumba rakhi designs you might consider this Raksha Bandhan. 

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