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A solution is a comprehensive package of tools, processes and procedures that can be used to develop, deploy, and maintain a software application. With the rise in cloud computing, the use of SharePoint has increased significantly as a way to create and manage content. For this reason, a SharePoint development team is an important asset for any organization.

Why a SharePoint development team is critical In order for your SharePoint environment to run smoothly, you need to have a team that can help you build and manage the platform. But before that, we should know what we are talking about when we refer to the term “SharePoint development solutions”

What are SharePoint development solutions?

SharePoint development solutions are web applications that help you create and maintain SharePoint sites. These solutions can be either SharePoint-specific or general purpose. SharePoint-specific solutions can be created using any programming language, but the majority of developers use Visual Studio as their IDE.
In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular SharePoint development solutions for Windows. Visual Studio Solutions for SharePoint Visual Studio offers a set of built-in features to simplify the development process of SharePoint applications.
If you are new to SharePoint development, you can start with a free trial of Visual Studio 2013 (or any other version).

Why SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the leading content management systems in the world. With SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Microsoft has developed a robust platform that allows developers to create complex business applications. SharePoint is an enterprise solution that provides a set of tools and services to create, manage, and share content and information. 
Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) is one of the leading names in the development of SharePoint applications, as well as collaboration and content. Our SharePoint solutions have been recognized by Microsoft as “Best Practices” for implementations.
ARC has implemented a variety of SharePoint solutions for small teams as well as global companies, covering different versions of SharePoint including SP 2003, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and O365.
Our experienced team has implemented large-scale, multilingual intranets, global extranets, corporate websites, knowledge management portals, business process automation and intuitive social collaboration solutions across diverse industries and business units for our global clients.
With the help of our SharePoint experts and the cloud-ready SharePoint solutions (intranet, innovation, department, knowledge forum, service request or migration assistant) we support you in achieving your strategic goals in order to achieve a better ROI. Our solution accelerators are designed to be intuitive, responsive, and configurable to give you:
·         60% faster deployment compared to individual solutions
·         80% savings in development costs compared to completely new developments
·         90% error reduction and lower rollout risks due to an optimally defined product architecture
·         Unrestricted user registration for all licenses
We have defined the following critical success factors for our customers using these accelerators:
·         Minimal work interruptions
·         Easy import of existing data and users
·         Portal accessibility and training
·         Support of existing business processes
·         Rapid market introduction

Table of Contents

Range of services

Our range of services includes:

SharePoint consulting: Our SharePoint consultants work together with you on a solution strategy and the creation of a roadmap. They support you in defining your architecture and in designing the user experience. Furthermore, our consultants help you to implement an information architecture design for your portals.

User Experience and Branding: Our UX experts will help you design solutions that incorporate roles, high-level information architecture, concept models, visual design concepts, branding, theme design and mobile design.

Implementation: Our experts have a wide range of experience in the development, testing, deployment and configuration of SharePoint solutions – both on-premise and in the cloud. Our digital workplace solutions cover the entire spectrum of use cases and functions.

Transformation and Modernization: ARC SharePoint Modernization solutions deliver measurable business benefits across the enterprise. The solution package consists of platform migration, cloud enablement, re-engineering, mobile enablement, improvements and tools that accelerate effort estimation, migration and implementation of platforms. We offer our customers end-to-end support when migrating their heavily customized code to the cloud. This is based on Microsoft cloud standards including apps based on SharePoint or other providers on Azure platforms.

O365: Microsoft’s “intranet in your pocket” vision demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to improving the mobile experience in Office 365 and SharePoint. Based on this vision, ARC’s supports its customers in migrating the on-premises to the cloud environment without any data loss. 

Final Words:

As a SharePoint development company, we help our customers to implement SharePoint-based online solutions according to the guidelines recommended by Microsoft. We have solutions in SharePoint Online, Exchange migration, OneDrive and access to yammer content with the unified search platform using the search capabilities of SharePoint. This unified search platform is powered by Office Graph, which enables information to be found instead of you searching for it.

With ‘Enterprise Agility’ as its core functionality, ARC has assisted numerous leading companies in various industries with the development of business-critical software and IT projects in various disciplines.

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