Benefits of Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

This article is composed to familiarise you with the benefits of pure Himalayan Shilajeet. It is a unique substance that can serve as an antioxidant to enhance your body’s immunity and recollection, an anti-inflammatory and energy proponent, and a diuretic to vacate surplus fluid from your body.

Shilajit is an incredibly sticky tar-like gummy raw substance seen primarily in the Himalayas. It may be black, brown, or white and has been developed by centuries of incremental decomposition of particular plants by the action of microorganisms. They are percolated from the rocks present in the Himalayas at an altitude of 1000 to 5000 meters above sea level. It is a rich and very pleasing dietary supplement, repairing the energetic equilibrium and potentially able to prevent various diseases. It is rich in minerals and nutrients and has an abundance of bio-active humic and fulvic acid. 

When consumed, Himalayan Shilajeet has a considerable advantage.

The magnificent hypoglycaemic qualities of shilajit play a significant role in synchronizing the blood glucose and lipid profiles in diabetes patients, specifically when taken along with diabetes medication. When shilajit formulations are consumed, insulin production from pancreatic -cells becomes mobile. It enables us to lessen the breakdown of starch into glucose, which in turn accelerates low blood glucose levels. 

  • Boosts Cardiac Function

pure Himalayan shilajit is one such herbal-mineral compound that is infused with antioxidants and cardio-protective effects. It plays a vital role in diagnosing a host of heart disorders. This relaxes the cardiac system by appeasing the mind, which is exceedingly profitable for patients suffering from arrhythmias and palpitations. That is also beneficial in strengthening the heart muscles, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, and preventing lipid accumulation, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart block, heart attacks, blood clots, and so on.

  • Stimulates Weight Loss

 The abundance of functional elements in shilajit assists the body in getting rid of excess weight quickly. It enables satiating sudden hunger pangs and discourages overeating and hence plays a crucial role in one’s weight loss journey. It also lessens the accumulation of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) in the body and triggers the genes that permit the body to react positively to a workout, thereby enhancing metabolism and stimulating the body to maintain an average weight.

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety 

Being a strong adaptogen, Shilajit is advantageous for diagnosing various kinds of psychotic issues like depression, dementia, etc. It balances the Vata and Pitta doshas in the body, which in turn maintains the serotonin level and helps to minimize different symptoms of anxiety, which comprise uneasiness, restlessness, cold hands and feet, etc. The powerful antidepressant impact of the herb also aids in calming the mind, easing all types of physical and mental stress and crankiness, and enhancing energy and stamina. You can also include Ayurveda Testosterone Booster in your diet. 

  • Slowing Down The Aging Procedure

Shilajit is well renowned for its regenerative results. Not only does it enable tissue restoration and regeneration, but also, owing to the rugged antioxidant action, it guards against cellular damage and hence recedes the aging process in the tissues of the organs like the heart, lungs, liver, and skin. The existence of fulvic acid safeguards the body against free radical injury and the excess of antioxidants sustains a balanced ratio of calcium in the bones, making them stronger. Lastly, Shilajit also strengthens the immune system and deters infections.

Main Ingredients

Shilajit generally incorporates 60-80% organic matter, 20–40% mineral matter, and 5% of trace elements. It is a storehouse of minerals like fulvic and humic acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, nickel, potassium, manganese, silicon, silver, sodium, sulfur, iodine, and so on. These minerals are responsible for improving the working of the human body on consumption. Shilajeet is called the “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness” because of its excellent usefulness and the benefits of intaking pure Himalayan Shilajeet have already been discussed. 

The Procedure to Use

The dosage of pure himalayan shilajeet may differ from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, appetite, severity, and condition of the patient. 

The dosage of adults may vary from 250 – 500 mg. 

Consume Shilajit along with milk or water twice a day, one on an empty stomach in the morning and the other one before sleep.

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