Chandigarh University Students Protest Over a Viral Video

chandigarh university viral mms

There is a viral video that has made Chandigarh University students scream and protest. It is of a girl who takes videos of other girls having showers. She then sends these videos to a guy in Shimla, who makes them viral. After the viral video went viral, there were protests across campus and police intervened. The girl has since confessed to making one video.

Chandigarh university student accused of creating her own videos

A Chandigarh University student is being accused of creating her own viral videos. The video she created shows 60 girls taking a bath. The video has gone viral, causing a large amount of protests. The student’s video has been deleted, but the incident is not over yet. Chandigarh University’s management has denied that the videos were objectionable. But the incident has already resulted in several arrests.

The student is currently being held in police custody. She is a hosteller who was studying MBA at the University. The girl allegedly sent nude images and videos to a friend in Shimla. The videos became viral after they were sent online. The video caused a massive ruckus on the campus, with students shouting “We want justice!”

The Punjab State Police Commissioner Manisha Gulati said the investigation into the case was ongoing. An investigation has been launched to gather forensic evidence and determine the motives behind the videos. The police have also detained a 23-year-old youth in the case.

Chandigarh university student accused of sending videos to boyfriend in Shimla

A female student from Chandigarh University has created a storm after posting objectionable videos on social media. Police in Shimla have arrested her boyfriend and are investigating the incident. Chandigarh University authorities have denied any wrongdoing and claim that the girl only sent the videos to her boyfriend in Shimla.

Protests erupted at Chandigarh University, and one student was arrested. Protesters at the University said the woman had leaked videos of herself and her friends, and sent them to her boyfriend. A group of students gathered outside the university to express their displeasure with the allegations.

A 23-year-old man from Shimla has been arrested in connection with the Chandigarh University video leak case. The man has been identified as Sunny Mehta. He lives in the Rohru area, and is a former classmate of the woman.

Chandigarh university student tries to commit suicide after seeing Chandigarh university viral video

A Chandigarh university student has attempted to commit suicide after viewing a viral video on social media. The incident sparked a protest and the university rejected reports that the videos of female students were spread on social media. However, the situation quickly turned out of control when rumours circulated that one of the girls had tried to commit suicide. The university management, however, has said that a few girls ‘fainted’ following the viral video.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has ordered an investigation into the incident. He also ordered the arrest of three people. The SIT will be headed by Gurpreet Kaur Deo. The CM called the incident unfortunate.

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