Diwali special train list 2022

Special train list

The North Western Railway (NWR) has decided to run special trains for the Diwali festival. It has already started preparations for this. The train operator is looking at long routes that can be operated by special trains to celebrate the festival. The routes being reviewed include Jaipur to Patna, Delhi to Lucknow, Kolkata to Hyderabad, and Bangalore to Hyderabad. Ajmer to Kolkata and Bikaner to Mumbai are also under consideration.

North-Western Railway to run temporary festival special trains

The North-Western Railway has already begun planning for the temporary festival special trains. It is reviewing routes and has already started the fight for reservations. The trains will run on selected routes for a period of two months. The routes are Jaipur to Patna, Delhi to Lucknow, Patna to Kolkata, Ajmer to Mumbai, and Jodhpur to Kolkata.

The trains will run three times a week from April 11 to April 30, and they will stop at several stations, including Navsari, Sawantwadi Road, Palghar, and Panvel. The Navsari Express will also stop at Mangaon, Sangameshwar Road, and Ratnagiri. They will also run additional coaches between Mankapur and Nagpur.

The North-Western Railway has also announced that it will increase the number of coaches on five of its passenger trains. The increased number of coaches is intended to make the trains more comfortable for passengers. The new trains will run at a higher capacity than usual and will have additional seats. They will run during festivals as well, including Diwali.

Eastern Railway to run two pairs of trains from Kolkata to Haridwar

Two pairs of trains will run between Kolkata and Haridwar on the Eastern Railway. The trains will have a total of 17 coaches and stop at various stations. They will have five AC 3-tier coaches and ten Sleeper coaches. In addition, they will have two SLRD coaches. The Eastern Railway will operate the train in two pairs, once every two days.

The trains will also have special coaches for people who are returning from the pilgrimage to Durg. In addition, there will be special trains between Coimbatore and Hazrat Nizamuddin. During the journey, passengers should follow the precautions prescribed by the Railway.

The first train will leave Kolkata at 11:25 am on October 1 and will arrive at Haridwar at 7:40 pm on October 2. On the third day, the train will return to Kolkata at 10:45 pm. For more information, passengers can visit the IRCTC’s official website.

Indian Railways to run temporary festival special trains for Diwali festival

Indian Railways have announced 120 special trains for Diwali festival. Some of these trains will be longer than normal, while some will have additional coaches. Some trains will also be running with modified timings. If you’re planning to take part in Diwali festivities, it’s important to get the details of these special trains so you can plan your journey accordingly.

The special trains will travel to major cities in the country, and will stop at all stations in order to accommodate people. You can purchase tickets 120 days in advance and can also purchase tatkal tickets last-minute. In order to book tickets quickly, you can download the Trainman app on your iPhone or Android. The app will give you the latest information about seat availability, waitlisted tickets, and PNR status.

The Indian Railways has announced that they will run more Diwali festival special trains every week, so that travelers will be able to travel without any problems during the festival. The special trains will be operated on a special fare and will be fully reserved. During the Diwali festival, Indian Railways typically increases the number of coaches on passenger trains.

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