What are the back pain exercises?

Backpain Excercise with pic at home

There are a variety of exercises that are helpful for relieving back pain. These include Side planks, Cat/cow stretches, and the Lat pulldown. But first, you should get a proper diagnosis. Once you know the underlying cause of your pain, you can focus on effective pain relief.

Side planks

Side planks are a great way to strengthen your back muscles without putting undue stress on your spine. You should avoid the traditional plank position because it puts too much pressure on your spine. Instead, try resting with your pelvis and hips in a straight line, while keeping your core lightly contracted. This will help strengthen the muscles of your back and prevent back pain.

There are several variations of the side plank exercise. Some of them are easier than others. One variant, called the side bridge, involves placing your knees on the floor with your top leg elevated. This variation is easier to master but places more stress on your core muscles and hips.

Cat/cow stretch

Cat/Cow stretch for back pain is a classic yoga stretch that focuses on all the muscles in the spine. The stretch improves blood flow between the vertebrae and helps relieve stress and back pain. It should be practiced with a neutral spine, which is a straight line from shoulders to hips. To begin the Cat pose, place your hands under your shoulders and your knee underneath your hips. Then, extend your neck and draw your navel towards your spine.

To do the cat stretch, start with 1-3 sets of five or ten repetitions in each direction. Make sure to keep your hips over your knees, and your hands directly underneath your shoulders. You can also engage your lats by gripping the floor with your hands.

Levator scapula stretch

Levator scapulae stretches are helpful for a variety of reasons, including preventing neck pain and reducing pain associated with tight muscles. The most common method involves leaning forward, with the chin tilted to a 45-degree angle. One hand may be used to assist in the stretch. It is important to hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds.

The levator scapulae work together with the trapezius and rhomboid muscles to elevate and stabilize the scapula. They also help in lateral flexion and ipsilateral rotation of the neck. These muscles can become strained and stiff as a result of repetitive stress and overuse.

Lat pulldown

Lat pulldowns are an excellent way to strengthen the back and prevent injuries. However, the main challenge of this exercise is maintaining perfect form during the exercise. This can be difficult, but there are simple cues you can use to ensure proper form and safety. For example, leaning back helps to take the strain off your lats by adding your own body weight to the mix.

The most common way to do this exercise is by standing with your arms fully extended. While holding the bar in your hands, tilt your upper back slightly backward. You should also keep your body upright and tall. You should also squeeze your lats, allowing the bar to come up smoothly.


Superman back pain exercises work the muscles in your upper and lower body while also hitting the core. These exercises require strength to perform correctly and should be performed for two to three sets of eight to 12 reps. The superman exercise can be performed with the arms only or with both arms and legs raised, depending on the level of pain.

To perform the superman exercise, raise your arms and legs and hold them in the air, while keeping the back and the shoulders in a neutral position. Hold for three to five seconds without lifting other parts of your body. Then alternate the arms and legs.

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