It is often said that having little knowledge of something is worse than not knowing at all. This is especially true when it comes to myths about hair transplants. Many people who suffer from hair loss cancel their plans for a hair transplant because of these unfolding myths. Therefore, it’s important to avoid falling into the traps of these myths and missing the opportunity to permanently re-grow hair on a bald head. The Hair Transplant in JP Nagar performed by a renowned surgeon at an advanced skin and hair clinic, Kliaro Derma is undeniably the best and most effective solution for hair loss. The hair experts at the clinic offer top-notch facilities and deliver the best outcomes for their patients. 

Let’s address and clarify some misconceptions to help you make the right choice. 

Clarifying Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplant Treatments 

Before undergoing any surgery, one should be relax and calm. Thus, it is important to get all the doubts clear. We have clarified the common beliefs and facts about hair transplant treatments to help you make an informed decision.

1. Hair Transplant Treatments Are Not For Women 

Hair transplants work effectively on both men and women, but baldness in women is different from that in men. The supply of donor hair is smaller and thin along with other parts of the scalp in women. Men generally lose hair from the backside, whereas women have diffuse thinning. 

2. Hair Transplant Process Gives Immediate Results 

Hair transplants do not provide instant results, but you can expect full growth in 6-9 months. Some patients may experience a 12-month waiting period, and you may also experience a fall out of the transplanted hair due to shock, which happens naturally. You’ll be able to see hair growth on your scalp when the initial shock and or resting phases (telogen) pass. The new hair blends naturally with the hair that already grows on your scalp. 

3. Hair Transplants Don’t Provide A Natural Look 

A hair transplant procedure gives a natural and subtle look as the grafted hair follicles match the same texture as your existing hair. These hair grafts are prepared by removing hair follicles from your scalp. If you have chosen the services of an expert and reputable surgeon, you should not be concerned about your appearance. Your surgeon considers the desired area, follicle location, and grafts to provide a natural look. Once your hair grows back, you can cut, wash or color it according to your choice. 

4. Hair Transplant Is Only Recommended For Young Candidates 

It is a common belief that hair transplants are only for young individuals. However, it is not true that anyone between the ages of 25-70 who wishes to have their hair transplanted is eligible. Often, young men and women in their early twenties are not considered good candidates for hair transplants. This is because their hair loss patterns or occurrences are not predictable. If you are in your early 20s, you may consider getting a preliminary transplant to increase the density of your hairline. 

5. Hair Transplant Treatments Are Not Budget Friendly 

Another popular misconception is that only the wealthy can get hair transplants. People believe that hair transplant surgery is expensive and, hence, not affordable for anyone. However, hair transplant treatments like FUE and FUT are cost-effective and a one-time investment. The benefits are also permanent and affordable compared to other hair restoration procedures. 

6. A Hair Transplant Is A Painful Procedure 

The perception that a hair transplant is painful is a common concern for many individuals. However, this is not true. Anaesthesia is given to the surgery site before starting the procedure. After the anaesthesia stops working, you may experience pain at the surgery site. In FUE, your surgeon uses a micro puncture tool to carry out the procedure. These tools effectively extract hair follicles and plant them in the desired area. As a result, you require less medication, and the surgical site recovers more quickly. 

Where To Undergo Hair Transplant In JP Nagar? 

It’s important to clear misconceptions about hair transplant treatments, which may prevent many individuals from knowing the benefits. By busting these myths and understanding the true benefits of modern hair transplant procedures, you can make an informed decision about your hair restoration journey. If you have more questions or concerns in your mind related to hair transplant or other factors related to it, then the best advice is to consult a skilled hair transplant surgeon. 

If you are contemplating considering a hair transplant, schedule a consultation with Kliaro Derma, a leading and the Best Skin Clinic in JP Nagar for skin and hair treatments. The clinic will provide you a thorough consultation that will help in making a right decision. The experts offer a range of solutions to suit your needs, from FUT to PRP, designed to restore your hair and confidence effectively. 

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