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We all are well secure about our looks and appearance, especially in places like parties, dates, and office meetings. Not only a good appearance makes us look attractive, but it also makes us feel good from the inside. And when you are feeling good by doing something, that should be done.

One doesn’t need heavy makeup or an expensive dress to look attractive. It doesn’t require a goddess face to look attractive; it’s all about your confidence, body language, and how you present yourself. But there are little things that matter. Like our hairstyle, you don’t need long hair like Rapunzel, but how you style your hair to match the occasion matters, and most importantly, our smile. As everybody has a different smile in the world, it’s a sign of uniqueness, and also, a smile makes anything 10x more attractive.

However, to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, we must take good care of our oral health as our teeth and gum play the main role while smiling.

People with gummy smiles often feel insecure and suffer from depression because of their looks. Though it differs from person to person and the environment makes it worse. Some people even lose all confidence to smile and speak to people. But don’t worry, the gummy smile treatment is there for you.

A gummy smile is not a severe oral health issue; it mostly falls under the category of cosmetic surgery.

The impact of gummy smiles

The impact of gummy smiles differs from person to person, as it mainly impacts the looks. However, it’s a personal choice whether the person wants to change their looks or wanna stay the way they are. Rather, it can slightly create trouble while speaking, eating, or smiling. However, a gummy smile treatment can solve your problem, but before that, you need to know the reasons behind your gummy smile.

A gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display, is a dental condition where too much of the gums are visible when the person smiles. It can be caused by several factors, including genetics, poor oral hygiene, and gum disease. Sometimes, it may also be a side effect of certain medications or medical conditions.

The most common symptoms of a gummy smile are excessive gum tissue visibility when smiling and an overall feeling that the smile is too wide. Some people may also find that their teeth appear shorter than normal. A gummy smile can often be corrected with lifestyle changes, such as improving oral hygiene habits and surgical procedures such as gum contouring or tissue repositioning.

Gummy smile treatments

Crown lengthening: crown lengthening treatment is commonly used to correct a gummy smile. This method is similar to gum contouring, but no laser is used in this procedure. The gummy smile is all about showing extra gum tissues, which can make your teeth look smaller than they are and make your smile look less attractive. Crown lengthening treatment involves removing some of the gum tissue covering your teeth. This will expose your tooth crown, making your smile appear more natural.

Crown lengthening treatment is a relatively simple procedure that can be done in the dentist’s office. It is often done using local anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Crown lengthening treatment is a safe and effective way to correct a gummy smile.

Veneers and crowns: crowns are a dental restoration covering the entire tooth. They’re typically used when a tooth is broken, decayed, or has a large filling. Veneers are thin, porcelain coverings placed over the front of your teeth. They can be used to improve the appearance of stained or crooked teeth.

Both crowns and veneers can be used to correct a gummy smile. The dentist will need to take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab for fabrication. The lab will create a custom crown or veneer that will fit perfectly over your teeth.

Orthodontic appliances: if the reason behind your gummy smile is crooked or unstructured teeth, then orthodontic treatments can be an option for your gummy smile. Though orthodontic treatments have minor effects on a gummy smile, because a gummy smile is more about the gum and less about the teeth, orthodontic treatments can be a secondary option before going through a major gummy smile treatment. And after that, you can fix your gummy smile forever.

Jaw surgery: if the excessive growth of your jaw is the main reason behind your gummy smile, then jaw surgery can be an option to fix this.

Lip surgeries and botox: one of the major reasons behind a gummy smile is hyperactive upper lips. When the bone connected with the nose and upper lip is more reactive than usual, the gum is visible while smiling or speaking. This can be fixed with lip surgery.

However, shorter and thinner upper lips are another reason behind the gummy smile. In this case, botox or lip filler will be a solution. Botox or lip filler is a liquid object injected into the thinner lip so that it becomes fuller and plumper.

Best clinic

Now that you know the popular surgeries for a gummy smile, the real question is where you should get the treatments done? You can’t trust any clinic here and there.

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But don’t forget to consult your doctor and check out if you have any issues like diabetes, thyroid, or diseases like that before going for any surgeries and treatments.


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