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All of us search for better ways to lead a healthier life, and we come across many new techniques and recipes for this desired result. As we explore other categories and such, one must remember that in the past, our ancestors have tried and tested some of their formulas. These are ones that led to success despite the lack of technology in those ages. neuherbs’ Pure Himalayan shilajit is one such ayurvedic substance that is widely acclaimed and promoted for the compelling promise of health.

Introduction to Shilajit

Shilajit is a jelly-like black substance found in the rocky regions of the great Himalayas. It is primarily the formed matter of decomposed plants and organic substances trapped under layers of rocks. With 85 minerals packed in, this herbal substance has the strength to rejuvenate the human body. It is known to boost the metabolism in one’s body. Tapping into the body’s locked potential, the Shilajit formula helps erase any signs of fatigue.

How Does Shilajit Help?

Pure Himalayan shilajit enhances brain capacity and memory. It also helps with the testosterone level without any other intervention. It detoxes the body of contaminants and adulterants. It helps decrease the effect of different ortho problems, anaemia, diabete and other diseases on the body. It encourages healthy ageing and reduces inflammation as well. Shilajit improves the physical and mental strength of one’s body. And therefore, this ensures your health improvement by all means. Fulvic acid, which is a source of iron, is also present and thus, acts as a cure for anemia. This increases the blood-carrying capacity of the blood cells.

Safety and Purity Assured
The Shilajit is collected in its raw, unfiltered form and thus can be prone to impurities if consumed in that state. Here in neuherbs, it is ensured that no toxins, preservatives, or additives are added and that only pure Himalayan shilajit is provided to the consumer. It has an earthly taste which makes it more natural. It possesses the healing power that helps in curing many of the body’s problems. Even with all the incredible benefits obtained from the Shilajit, one must remember it is not a substitute for any medical prescription.

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

What are the Advantages of Shilajit?

The Pure Himalayan shilajit also supposedly cleanses your body of heavy and toxic metals which are harmful. There are many nutrients and minerals which are required for the healthy growth of the body present in this mixture. Energy rejuvenation, immune system boost and lifestyle endurance are some of the main points to be noted as gains. Post-workout consumption is also encouraged as it is rich and packed with goodness. This naturally occurring resin helps you keep fit and strong if incorporated daily. 

The plant matter found in the Himalayan Shilajit is of purest origins and thus makes it better than other natural supplements. The organic deposits produce minerals, acids and additional beneficial nutrients that help in the body’s functions. Shilajit is potent in its purest form, which is provided by the neuherbs’. It regulates the immune system and helps in building disease-resistant antibodies. It also aids in the production of dopamine by stimulation of the brain. 

How to Consume Pure Shilajit?

You can consume the pure Himalayan shilajit by adding 500 mg of the substance to a glass of fluid of your choice (milk, juice, water, etc.) and gulp it on an empty stomach. But it is preferred to start cautiously and hence should be taken after having breakfast. Morning times are the ideal period for the full prowess of the Shilajit to unleash. Also since taking it at night can disrupt the sleep routine due to its energizing effects. It can be taken daily but be sure to consult your doctor for any health-related outcomes and conditions. 

The source material of Shilajit is very organically obtained and hence, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about any kinds of debasements. It can be stored at room temperature if it is regularly used by the consumer. The effects of Shilajit are still unexplored but are to aid in human health and well-being.

Apeksha Shah is a board-certified physician & fitness coach with over 7+ years of experience in women's health. She is a passionate advocate for preventive care and a frequent speaker at health conferences. Apeksha is also a dedicated educator and is passionate about health education.