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Whenever we do something, buy something or use something new, there are many questions in our heads regarding that. We must know the basics and their effects whenever we try something new.

So like beard products,  men grooming companies are growing increasingly as men start to look after their bodies, beauty, and fitness. There are companies explicitly making products just for men. And it’s hard to choose which brands we should consider and which products we should choose from that brand.

When it comes to beard care, it’s not easy. The growing beard needs to invest patience and energy. When it comes to investing money, you should think mindfully. You can’t just use every product shown in the advertisement and promise to give you a long and healthy beard.

As the beard is related to the skin, it’s essential to look after good quality products. Because cheap products can damage the skin barrier, which will affect the growth of the beard, and it will worsen the situation without doing good.

Brands shown in the commercial are not always the best, and to reduce the production cost, they use cheap ingredients and toxins and run in the name of natural ayurvedic products.

However, you should always look after the ingredients list before buying the product and search about the product on the internet. Look for the reviews and user manual.

A product with good ingredients and reviews can be a good option for you, just like the brand Mancode. They make all-natural products, especially for men, and have various ranges. Not only beard products but also skin, body, and hair products. And that too at an affordable price. So you are getting both quality and reasonable pricing at the same time. They have a website where you will find all the details about their brand, the type of products they make, and how they work. And don’t forget to check their happy customer reviews.

Now you should decide what beard care products you need from the brand. Don’t worry; this blog is going to guide you through this.

Beard washeverything starts with cleanliness. So the beards are. To get a healthy beard, you need to maintain beard health, and to maintain beard health, you must wash your beard correctly. Mancode has beard washes that suit both the skin and the beard hair. So you are getting two-in-one products by paying the price of just one product. Mancode beard washes are made with essential oils, which will clean and moisturize simultaneously.

Use beard washes a maximum of two times a day for best results, first in the morning while bathing and second at night before sleep. The night routine is important because sleeping with a clean face is essential.

Beard oil:  beard oil is the most well-known product in the beard care range. And it’s one of the best-selling products from the men’s grooming brands. But choosing the right beard oil is essential to having a healthy beard.

Beard oil and beard growth oil are almost the same. But beard oil is a product used to maintain the skin’s moisture without making it too oily and nourish the beard hair & skin, making it smooth. And beard growth oil is essential when just starting to grow the beard, as beard growth oil promotes beard growth. Use beard growth oil twice a day after washing the face with beard wash. Mancode beard growth oils are exquisite and practical to use. Take 2 to 3 drops and massage gently on the face and beard. And you are good to go.

Use beard oil when you have a particular beard length and don’t want to grow it further and want to maintain and groom it. Mancode beard oils are enriched with clove, patchouli, nutmegs, rosemary, black pepper, lemongrass, orange, tea tree, geranium, and cedar wood. Choose the one according to your need and use it the same way as beard growth oil.

Beard cream: in winter, we need some extra care. Men have rough skin compared to women and kids, so they need extra care in winters. Alone, beard oils can’t handle the situation. So what’s the solution?

Don’t worry. Mancode has a good range of beard creams to get your back. Their beard creams are made with skin-repairing ingredients, which will save your skin barrier and moisturize the skin well. Also, they have natural kinds of butter like shea butter. These beard creams primarily focus on beard hair to make it soft and smooth to give you the beard you dreamt about.

Beard balm: sometimes, the beard gets frizzy and dry. And when you need to go somewhere, you need to manage the beard hair. Here, beard balm will save you. Mancode beard balms are made with natural wax and butter to groom your beard and make it look attractive and pleasing.

Remember, you need a beard balm when you have a long beard.

Wooden comb: combing your beard hair after you are done with the daily regimen is essential. It helps the excess product spread all over the hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells. Better use a wooden comb. A wooden comb increases the blood flow. And when the blood flow is good, you will grow more beards.

Trimmer: beard needs trimming a minimum of once a week. So it’s good if you can buy a trimmer. Trimming will help get rid of old beard hairs and help grow baby beard hairs faster. Decrease the time after you are blessed with a reasonable volume.


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