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Deep bites refer to extra vertical overlapping of front teeth during the close of the jaw. Typically, upper anterior teeth overlap the bottom ones slightly up to 4mm. If the measurement increases or exceeds 4 mm then it develops the condition commonly known as deep bite. A deep bite is a malocclusion in which the upper row of front teeth overlaps the bottom front teeth when the mouth is closed.

We sometimes call Smile Clinic London orthodontic concerns a closed bite or overbite. Sometimes, a deep bite can affect a person’s ability to speak, breathe, and chew properly. It can also change the shape of a person’s face, causing it to appear rounder, shorter, or older. At that time, the bottom teeth impose excessively far on the upper gums being difficult both aesthetically and functionally. Here in this blog, we will help you know deep bite most interestingly. So, let’s get started.

Deep bites and the most common causes

Genes have a vital role to play in the development of the jaw and teeth during the childhood. Some other causes are:

  • Excessive bite closure from strong jaw muscles
  • Bad habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting which drive the front teeth more forward
  • Missing teeth promote excessive extrusion
  • Unusual teeth positioning that misalign other teeth

Problems and symptoms related to deep bites

Although many patients can adapt to deep bites easily, some face serious problems including:

  • Risk of sleep apnea with breathing difficulty and obstructed nasal passage all over the night
  • TJD or temporomandibular joint dysfunction due to improper chewing force
  • Impaired pronunciation or lipsing from a speech impediment
  • Hindrance to maintain good oral hygiene in bottom anterior teeth
  • Abfraction lesions, chipping, or teeth wear are common because of excessive force in small contact area

Treatment options available for deep bites

Here are the most effective treatment options you can try on for deep bites. But before going with any dentist consultation is highly advisable.

  • Orthodontic correction

Most of the time, a clear aligner tray and metal braces help the teeth retain their original position retracting high bottom teeth protrusion. It may take 18-24 months to fix the condition. You have to be patient with the treatment.

  • Dental restorations

Placement of crowns on premolars and molars can increase the vertical dimension and veneer cover will extrude the incisors. It may cost you more yet it instantly enhances the aesthetic of deep bite.

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  • Occlusal guards

With a sturdy night guard device, you can put an end to teeth grinding or bruxism that results from uneven bite forces causing overclosure. If you cannot correct a deep bite, it’s way better to prevent the habit from worsening the condition. Plus, it is very comfortable for the pocket too.   

  • Botox injections

Injecting botulium toxin in both masseters for consecutive 6 months will paralyze the hyperactive jaw muscles. As a result, it will relax the bite closure. However, you must know that botox only covers the symptoms for a temporary period. It cannot deliver a permanent solution. In most cases, the results are short-term.  

  • Orthognathic jaw surgery

Reconstruction of the lower and upper jaw will reposition the misaligned teeth. But nonsurgically, it cannot correct the condition fully. Although highly invasive yet it can promote both breathing technique and facial aesthetics in the long run along with repositioning the jaw. The cost of this surgery varies from a Smile dental clinic to another. So, you should consult with the dentist before considering this option to fix your dental condition.

Additional complexities of deep bites

If left unaddressed, deep bites can worsen progressively and result in several potential additional complexities. They are:

  • Issue with jaw function, chewing, and arthritis
  • Speech deficiency due to obstruction of the tongue on the upper anterior
  • Premature gum recession and bone loss around bottom incisors affecting the aesthetic appeal
  • Acute fracture and tooth wear deeming for extraction, implants, or crowns

Choose the best deep bite treatment at Smile Clinic London

As the condition severity differs from one person to another, there isn’t any single solution that can cater to the requirements of the Smile Clinic London Clinic patient. It always relies on the costs, potential complications, and degree of severity. With years of dental practical and academic experience in various aspects of the dental practice, our team is equipped to handle any dental health emergency you may face, or shape your smile into its perfect form finished corrective and The London cosmetic dentistry combination.

Dentists at Smile Clinic London, Invisalign London make use of state-of-the-art technology to carry out dental assessments and suggest the most suitable option for the individual conditions. Such treatment for deep bites not only ensures optimal aesthetics but also overall wellness of the body. For More Information contact The  London Smile Clinic which is located in the UK.